CCW Permit El Dorado Hills

Please feel free to call day or night until 10pm. You can email with any questions or to schedule classes.

Classroom Location
Holiday Inn at Town Center 4360 Town Center Blvd. El Dorado Hills CA 95762

Range Location

Our beautiful range is only minutes from our El Dorado hills classroom.
(contact for directions) Phone:
Primary (530) 206-6377
Secondary (530) 644-6977 Email:

If you're looking for your CCW LTC Permit License in El Dorado County we can help.  Download forms from our link and take our class necessary to get your License.

Our Multi-Award Winning no-stress style fosters maximum information retention and fun! I have trained thousands of students in El Dorado County, Sacramento County and more. All of them have been very pleased with their training. Over 600 brand new shooters, including more than 300 women, have all trained up to CCW qualification test level within one session. Also, I have saved the careers of several officers. Each was struggling with firearms qualifications after training at an academy.  They are now proficient and confident shooters.

I am a retired Peace Officer with 17 Years Experience. I’m an NRA* and California DOJ certified instructor, as well as an NRA* range safety officer and Utah BCI, certified CCW Instructor. Nevada + 35 State CCW.

While many teach tactics they have only learned in a classroom, I teach tactics from first-hand experience.

Like driving, shooting is a skill. It does not require strength, an attitude, or being tough.  Half of my best shooters are women. Learning how to shoot well does not require massive amounts of ammunition when you have the right instructor.

* Not all classes are NRA certified.  NRA does not certify a CCW class though we incorporate much of their material.